Full STEAM Ahead Summer Day Camp

Teach Life!

eSTEAM Club day camps give students a way to experience fun, hands-on learning with 21st Century technology and concepts. Our summer camps help to engage young learners in social, academic and life skills development. We provide a action-oriented learning environment where students enjoy working together and independently on interesting projects, exploring nature, learning life skills, playing sports, and developing life long friendships.

Campers enjoy a 1/2 day of STEAM and 1/2 day of traditional camp activities. Additional Activities include the following at no additional cost

  • Swimming

  • Gardening

  • Cooking Lessons

  • Archery

  • Artisan Classes

  • Mad Science Labs



  • STEM Labs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

  • Arts & Crafts Instruction

  • Reading Tutoring

  • Math Tutoring

  • Game Time

  • Coding with Scratch


June 7-11: Traveling Robots

Two things are better than one!  For our first week of camp we are combining world cultures with robotics. Campers experience ancient and current cultures around the world as we build replicas of the first ancient robot from Egypt and make our own hieroglyphics, create bug bots to explore the Great Wall of China, and build a robot using a robot in Silicon Valley. Mind….blown! 


June 14-18: Sweet Sounds

Our camp is alive…with the sound of music.  Music is an art and a science with some math and technology built in and we are going to hit all the high and low notes this week. We'll build some tub thumpin’ instruments, use our drumming skills to produce painted masterpieces and learn how to make joyful noises using computer programs, our voices and electronic instruments. We might even put on a Guitar Hero concert and Karaoke party! No musical knowledge or skills are needed to enjoy this camp. 


June 21-25: Circuit Cities

Let’s build a better future!  This week we are diving into the world of connections.  Why do bridges bounce, skyscrapers sway and touching a metal door knob after walking across carpet in socks shock you?  These are questions we can answer as we experience the power of planning, experimenting and harnessing nature. We will design and build skyscrapers, bridges, natural batteries, power grids, water reservoirs and plan green roof urban communities as we tackle problems faced by urban and suburban communities of today and tomorrow.


June 28- July 2: It’s a Jungle Out There

Join us this week for a week of animals, natural phenomenons, and interesting people. Campers will create habitats for wild beasts, make tornados and rain clouds, and become zoologists for a week.  If dolphins talk, whales sing and birds do crazy dances, then we will too!  We will spend the week learning about and playing like wild things. The world is full of wonders and our campers will get a chance to see what life is like on the wild side. 


July 12-16: A-maze-ing Makey Makeys

Let’s code!  Campers get to work with our Makey Makey coding programs to turn fruit into a piano and silverware into a gaming controller.  We'll code some maze games retro style and create some new adventures with Scratch. This camp teaches basic coding skills and allows campers to see what life is like for coders who design their favorite games like Fortnite, Roblox, and the Sims. Coding becomes epic when we play real life versions of our favorite new and old school video games. We are going to Makey Makey this week amazing!


July 19-23: Innovation Station

Let’s create some cool inventions and memories at the same time. Campers get to work together to create a prototype of something new.  Swan and Edison created the lightbulb, the Wright brothers invented the motorized airplane, and Page and Brin invented Google. We know that collaboration is key to creating the best products and we want our campers to experience the incredible sensation of accomplishing something as a team.  From completing low ropes courses to improving inventions, campers will be part of a winning team that creates solutions.


July 26-30: Scratch Made Yums!

We are going gourmet or at least homemade this week. Campers will learn how to cook healthy meals using garden fresh ingredients. We’re learning about the chemistry of cooking and the importance of measurements, processes and cleanliness while building confidence and basic cooking skills. After this week, you can have your little chef help with the prep, cooking and cleanup of your favorite family meals.


August 2-6: Out of this World

To a galaxy and beyond where no man has gone before….we are mixing up all of our favorite space jams! What’s out there in the vastness of space? What makes the stars shine and the sun hot? What is space junk and why do we want to check out Mars? We will explore these questions while making galaxy meditation jars, playing space ball, designing spaceships and launching rockets. Your camper will be over the moon at this final week of camp.