Circuit City Week

The first week of camp is always a little hectic. Most of the staff usually have very little experience with our eSTEAM Camp setting. It can be quite a challenge learning the ropes along with the campers and trying to manage the groups. We've chosen to highlight Kait's experience as our first Shared Success Story for eSTEAM Camp Staff. Kait's experience was extremely hectic because we were down a staff member this week and she was asked to fill in on a subject she wasn't very familiar with. Kait really stepped up to the plate and kept a positive attitude through it all.

"I wasn't sure where to post this exactly. However, I had a great week. It was full of adversity from the drop in staff, but we all really rallied together and got the hang of the rotation by the end of the week.

I am proud of the kids for making new friends and adjusting to a new environment. Many of them are always smiling and trying their best. While it may seem I am teaching them, they are teaching me. I am learning to be more optimistic, positive, and creative because of them. We had a lot of fun doing fun foods with the gum drop molecules. With this, we created "molecules" like H2O out of gum drops and straws. The children were able to tell me that the straws represented bonds holding different atoms together because of an earlier lesson, and I'm very proud of them.

Cheers to another good week,


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